Quattro Castella, Reggio Emilia, Italy, DiaryPictures was born on a cool summer evening of 2011.
DiaryPictures are our couches, our hostels, our paths, our corners, the people we met, the way we see things.
DiaryPictures invites you to comment and ask questions: is like stepping into an old photo shop and have a salesperson that introduces the pictures and explains how, when, where and why they were taken.

Diarypictures is a logbook – not a photos stock – of stories told by people who have imagined those places even before experiencing them.
The archive and the galleries will take you on many journeys the authors of these photos will make during their lifetimes.
Like coming across a collection of photos kept inside an old chest, and having a loquacious nostalgic bringing them to life.
Our memories are immersed in the places where we have lived, like a chameleon our recollections are coloured by these places.
DiaryPictures will give voice to that chameleon.

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